Statement from Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic

Statement from Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic

Statement from Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic
– @FurtheMore
– @Fur-B-Que

Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic is a registered non-profit organization for Furthemore and Mid-Atlantic Fur-B-Que. Our goal is to provide safe, fun, and welcoming events for anyone who chooses to attend, irrespective of age, race, color, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, furry identity (or lack thereof), or religious and spiritual beliefs. It is imperative that we maintain the vibrant diversity that our community has to offer, and that everyone who enters without hate be welcome here.

There has been growing concern about the recent rise of hatred and violence perpetrated by certain groups within our community. Regardless of what label they wear, their hatred and bigotry has no place here.  It has become apparent that Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic must make its stance clear and unambiguous.

As such, displaying hateful media or behavior of any kind, including clothing, fliers, drawings, etc. is strictly prohibited at any Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Event, including imagery, or displays that invokes white nationalism, white supremacy, or Nazi beliefs.

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