Fur the More is an annual event attended by anthropomorphic, anime, and geek enthusiasts and communities from Maryland, DC & Virginia Area. It is an exclusive convention that provides opportunities for education and socialization for the community, and teaches multidisciplinary creative pursuits to locals. Each year, we sponsor a 501(c)3 charity and raise donations to support their community. The event has raised a total of $70,000 thus far.
Fur the More had its genesis in Baltimore as an idea from friends in the Maryland anthropomorphic community. Inspired by the


Furstivus Convention in Philadelphia, they wished to create a platform where the diverse anthropomorphic community could share and learn. Following the suggestion of the Northeast Anthropomorphic Association, Fur the More was established under its umbrella non-profit organization in March 2012. It has since become an event under the auspices of the NorthEast Anthropomorphic Association, with the primary founder and convention Con-Chair serving on the Board of Directors as a Trustee.

With Fur the More’s move to Tysons, VA in 2015, Northeast Anthropomorphic was unable to continue as our sponsor. As such, the chair and directors of Fur the More organized and founded Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Society (http://old.midanthro.org) and incorporated as a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.

In 2017, the board of directors realizing that much of their purpose and direction was at education of both members of the community, and the public about anthropomorphics, anime/Japan, and fan culture while providing a fun and safe event incorporated a successor organization named “Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc.” with the goal of obtaining 501(c)3 status. That status was achieved in April of 2018, and Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Society was dissolved at the end of its fiscal year.